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NATURE POWER   Your need for aqua culture protection ends here..

The use of probiotics allows manipulation of the bacterial species composition in the water, sediment and animal guts by displacing pathogenic bacteria with beneficial bacteria, improving water quality by rapid degradation of waste organic compounds in environment, promoting food digestibility, thus achieve better disease control, increased growth and survival in the cultured animals and eventually results in higher production

Key Benefits

1. Activates the soil and contributes to maintenance of optimum water quality.

2. Break down and eliminates the accumulate NO2, NH3, H2s, and other

    toxic wastes products in the bond bottom.

3. Adjusts and balances the growth of planktons in the pond water so as to establish and  maintain optimum water quality.

4. Good against the yellow gill syndrome in shrimps.

5.  The Pond bottom is clean after each harvest.



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