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Plant Protector



                       Nature Power Fungal Control Solution




NATURE POWER    For Fungal Free Crops

NATURE POWER Plant Protector is a biological Fungicide containing millions of beneficial Microbes as its active ingredient. These microbial inoculants are formulated to control Plant Root Pathogens. Nature power with its beneficial soil microbes and Fungi provides the plant system with the necessary components for prolonged  root disease control.


1. Trichoderma control pathogenic fungus.

2. Plant Protector controlís plant diseases.

3. Biodegradable and not harmful to the soil.

4. Increases soil buffering properties by increasing humus level.

5. Tolerance to stress through enhanced root and plant development.

6. Stimulates root growth, thus increasing root density.

7. Increases root respiration.

8. Stimulates plant enzymes.

9. Better quality and yield.

10. Completely organic.



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