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NATURE POWER   High yield guaranteed agricultural manure

RADAR BIO-TECH NATURE POWER is a Bio-fertilizer containing millions of beneficial soil bacteria as its active ingredient.  It is a broad-based culture which includes aerobic, anaerobic  micro-organisms.  This balanced combination of various kinds of bacteria in Nature Power makes it a unique product which can work effectively in all possible variations that can exist under the field conditions

Key Benefits

1,  RADAR BIOTECH NATURE POWER enriches the  micro flora of the soil and thereby its fertility.

2.  Direct saving of 15 to 20% of applied chemical fertilizer input can be obtained by virtue  of better utilization of applied chemical fertilizers.

3. The fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, reduction in leaching losses of nitrogen and by

    Exploiting the  native fertility of soil better

4.  10 to 15% increase in yields as a result of more number of productive tillers and develop  more efficient root system with the help of micro and macronutrients.



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