RADAR BIOTECH NATURE POWER Intensive shrimp culture is frequently depressed by diseases, due to bacteria Vibrio sp., and viruses (WSSV, MV.Taurusvirus). The high stocking density of animals is conducive to the spread of pathogens, and the use of high protein feed makes aquatic environments ideal for bacterial growth.

Farmers apply therapeutic chemicals, e.g. antibiotics, to eliminate the pathogens, but leave the underlying cause unsolved. When used as prophylactics in large quantities antibiotics lead to the selection of antibiotic resistance bacteria and to the more virulent pathogens.

Shrimps that are not stressed by poor quality may succumb to microbial attack. NATURE POWER Probiotics appear an alternative remedy for disease control. Successful aquaculture operations rely on effective interaction of the aquatic environment, cultured
mechanical aeration devices to maintain adequate DO levels in heavily loaded hatchery tanks and culture ponds. In aquaculture systems the cultured animals interact with complex aquatic environments closely aquaculture industry is, therefore. attempted to manipulate the factors that affect the interrelationship.

NATURE POWER for aquaculture, usually in form of a mixture of several species and strains:


Mix with sand and broadcast evenly In the pond OR dissolve Nature Paver Probiotics completely m a container of pond water and broadcast evenly in the pond.


    1. Improve water quality and pond sediment

  1. 2. Reduce organic matter in water and sediment
  2. 3.  Remove toxic substances, e.g. ammonia, nitrite, and sulfide.
  3. 4.  Increase DO
  4. 5.  Promote growth and raise survival of the culture species


RADAR BIOTECH PROBIOTICS 2 kgs Mix with sand and broadcast evenly in the pond OR Dissolve nature power Probiotics Completely in a container of pond water and broadcast evenly in the pond. The above dose should be Sufficient For 50000 Number of prawn. Application Frequency Should be once every 15 days

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