RADAR BIOTECH after sustained research has developed a herbal feed supplement NATURE POWER for Shrimps & Fish and other aqua species which is safe and has all the desired effects of Antistress, Antioxidants, Performance Enhancer, and Growth Promoter.

RADAR BIOTECH NATURE POWER is a purely herbal product containing natural herbs without any chemical transformation and is free from toxic or residual side effects, which are commonly associated with synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and other chemical growth promoters etc.

RADAR BIOTECH NATURE POWER overcomes stress and minimizes the adverse effects of the stress response in Shrimps, Fish, and other aqua species.

The herbal ingredients of NATURE POWER are proven to have sustained Antioxidant activity. The Adaptogenic and Antistress properties of Nature Power and its herbal components have been proved in many scientific studies against a variety of physical, chemical and biological stress conditions. NATURE POWER helps to maximize production and profits in Shrimps & Fish, due to its following beneficial effects.

  1. 1. NATURE POWER improves intake and utilization of feed.
  2. 2. Promotes growth and thus ensures higher profits due to its following multi-faceted Features.

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