Shrimp aquaculture is the most valuable marine aquaculture industry. Despite the explosive growth in world production of cultivated shrimp, there have also been staggering, periodic losses due to diseases.

Hence, diseases are now considered as one of the critical limiting factors in the shrimp culture. Serious viral disease outbreaks of shrimp challenge the shrimp industry to be better prepared in the view of a broadened knowledge about shrimps and their pathogens so that disease prevention methods could be improved.

This requires shifted awareness to biosecurity, that is, possible methods of cultivating shrimp in restricted systems designed to prevent the entry of potential pathogens. The industry also realized that a good number of disease outbreaks originated from careless Trans boundary movement of contaminated but grossly normal aquaculture stocks.

Nature Power Antiviral was successfully reported for their beneficial effects in Shrimps. Experiments indicate that probiotic bacteria administered orally may induce increased resistance to enteric infections.
As mentioned earlier, Nature Power Antiviral has the capability of enhancing the immune response in shrimp, for the protection from viral diseases.

DOSAGE: Mix 2 grams of Nature Power Antiviral with 1Kg.Feed. For all Meals for 5 days.

STORAGE: Keep Nature Power Antiviral packets away from direct heat and sunlight. Store it in cool and dry place. Keep Nature Power Antiviral packets away from Chemical containers, Store below 30C.

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